Jobbers – Why in the world would I GoRecroot

I like my resume to be handled with Intelligence – how about you? has a refreshing, effective approach that gets the job done. It is good common sense application – it’s almost like, da, why didn’t we think about it earlier. All of us have our nice little resumes written up. Take 2 minutes (it is really less than that) and upload resume – that is it for now. The coming days will bring in some exciting results. Gotta a mic on your station? Record a voice resume and upload that as well.

Don’t have a voice CV? You must be kidding! Keep your webcam ready too – video resumes are coming in a few days.

The real deal is, behind all the technology and the boxes; has a simple method that fits your resumes to recruiter requirements. Like how Google maps your keywords to results.

If you get a beta pass from GoRecroot – you can create a resume – if you ask me, much better than the typical stuff out there in the web. Why it works – GoRecroot extracts requirements from close to 195,000 recruiters around the world and assists you in getting the right words into your resume.

What are you waiting for-Drop your resume here